Sunday, May 10, 2009


So I have come to the conclusion about three things this weekend - houseboats are totally awesome, colanders should not be put facing upwards in the dishwasher and that there is no end to the amazing support and kindness of the people in the organ transplant community which has been overwhelming.

One example of this was the lovely BBQ that Andy put on for me and Dan this weekend on his houseboat. In August 2007 Andy received a kidney from his close friend and band mate Maff and thanks to Maff's selflessness Andy no longer has to endure hours of PD every day, and I know only full well how tiring and grotty that can make you feel.

Only three days after the transplant Andy and Maff were playing Jazz in the hospital foyer - they even improvised the same part at exactly the same time...spooky!

After the transplant Andy set up Have One of Mine and formed 'Big Buzzard and the Organ Grinders' and releasing a single to encourage others to think about giving the gift of life. All proceeds from the sale of the single went to Live Life Then Give Life. You can purchase the single here - and I've placed the video below. Warning : It's incredibly catchy and will get stuck in your head all day!

It's always really great to meet people that have gone through the same thing as me, there was definitely an instant bond with Andy and it was great to compare stories and experiences. We are going to organise for me to come and take a photo of Andy and Maff soon which I am really looking forward to. Meanwhile here's a few from the day....


Early evening sun on the river, taken from Andy's houseboat

Sardines about to go on the BBQ

Andy getting the BBQ ready

Battersea Power Station

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  1. Great Pics Holly. I love the Power Station one. I tried to click to follow but it won't let me. I'm sure it will eventually but, in the meantime, I am following.... x x x