Monday, May 11, 2009

research, inspirations and chips on brick lane :)

Last night (for a bit of research or maybe we just fancied a night out!) Sarah and I went to see 'England' at the Whitechapel Gallery. We both remarked that it's always interesting to see other ways in which people incorporate transplantation in to the arts and this was no exception.

The story of a girl waiting and receiving a heart transplant is told by two actors with the added extra of sounds and a walk around the gallery. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in this sort of thing. However the story did incorporate an ending which wasn't very transplant-friendly (without ruining it for you, it doesn't stick to facts) so I think Sarah and I will both be writing to the gallery asking that they do state that the play isn't based on truth in order to avoid scaring any potential donors. We then headed off to Brick Lane and shared some chips whilst talking about Gifts of Life, as always it was good to share ideas :)

On another note I have been researching lots of photographers for inspiration for my photos. I have always been a big fan of Annie Leibowitz, Martin Parr and Mary Ellen Mark but I have also been sifting through the billions of photos on Flickr. There are so many amazing photographers on there, and I love the fact that all these photos are at my finger tips. Here's a little montage (is that the right word?!) of some of my faves so far...

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