Friday, June 26, 2009

five shoots in...

Gifts of Life has gone global! Click here to read an article which was published on a very popular newsy Canadian website this month. Glance to the right and you'll see a little picture of me and Oli in hospital and also a photo of Sarah's gorgeous son, Wills. I also have an article coming out in a French magazine too soon, which I'll post up once it's been published....get your translators at the ready!

I'm five shoots in to my Give and Let Live project and I have loved each and every one of them. There is something really amazing about meeting people that have been through very similar experiences to you - there's a natural bond there and already so much to talk about. I could have sat around chatting all day with my lovely subjects (hate that word - makes it sound like a science experiment but not sure what else to put!). I've also noticed many similarities with the couples that I photograph. Whenever I start a shoot I never really direct to begin with as I like the people I am photographing to get used to having a camera shoved in their face (ok, so I'm not that aggressive) but it allows them to relax a little and get used to being photographed. The first thing each couple does when I whip out my camera is react to one another in a very tactile way - where ever it be playfully, loving or just a simple arm around the shoulders. I am fascinated into the relationship between kidney donors and their recipients and it's little things like this that I have started noting.

In the next few months I have at least another twenty couples to photograph. I sent out a group email yesterday asking the question 'What can you now do that you couldn't do post transplant?' I'm hoping to base a few portraits around the answer to that question and I'm looking forward to receiving the answers.

In other photography news I have just been away to a wedding in Palma where I snapped away happily for a week. I took some shots using my favourite film - Fuji Velvia 100 which basically makes things all colourful and vivid which I am very pleased with. Here's a little sampler.

I have a marvelous world inside me.
I have a marvelous world inside me.

hey wait for meeee!
Hey, wait for meee!

And I also took some with my Canon 5D...


And have been fitting in a bit of street photography too!


Recently I have also been asked to write and photograph for a new London blog which is being launched in July. I can't say much more than that but it's something I am super excited about and am already planning posts. I love writing and photography - so the two things combined is awesome!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  1. Great pics. I soooo need a 5D (note I am now saying need lol;) ) The next one I see is mine :) x x x