Wednesday, August 5, 2009

GOL shoot 6 - Tracey and Linda

Tracey and Linda

L-R Tracey and Linda

Tracey has been a kidney patient for over 20 years and she knew that a transplant was always going to be on the cards at some point. Luckily for her, her big sister Linda was a match and offered to donate her kidney to Tracey. On 30th April this year - which also happened to be Tracey's birthday - the operation went ahead and was a success. I doubt if anyone else will ever be able to match that birthday present!

I travelled up to Swindon to Tracey's house to meet the couple and we immediately began chatting away about our experiences over a cup of tea. Tracey's house was full of lots of little quirky things and she had a beautifully tended to garden which was full of lovely little treasures that Tracey had accumulated over the years and I was determined to capture that part of her personality in the photos. She even has a house rabbit who sweetly hopped around the living room whilst we chatted.

It was lovely to chat to Tracey about what she had been through - having had my transplant a few months before she did I was able to provide an insite on how I feel now compared to a few months ago and whether I had any ups or downs in the kidney transplant rollarcoaster. Tracey and Linda showed me a book of photos of their transplant journey and already I could see how much Tracey looked now that she had had her transplant.

After the photo session in Tracey's garden, Linda kindly drove me to my next couple's house who were conveniently located only ten minutes up the road...Tracey and Linda

Tracey and Linda

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