Thursday, August 6, 2009

GOL shoot 7 - Sarah and Shep

Sarah and Shep

Sarah and Shep have been going out together for 8 years. Shep knew he'd need a kidney transplant at some point in his life but when his kidney function fell dramatically one day he was forced to go on dialysis. Shep's family, Sarah and Sarah's brother all got tested to see if they could be a donor for him. It looked as though Sarah's brother was going to donate his kidney to Shep but at the last moment it was decided that Sarah was a better candidate and she went ahead and gave Shep her kidney in November 2008. The operation was a success and they both look absolutely great - you'd never know either of them had gone through major surgery only a few months ago.
Sarah and Shep

We met up in Covent Garden for a drink before heading over to Soho to a little hidden courtyard where I used to work. The summer's evening light teamed with the light blue tones of the door provided a really chilled out setting and Shep and Sarah were brilliant at being natural in front of the camera.

Sarah and Shep

It was really lovely to meet them both. Sarah's really involved with campaigning herself - she is the lead singer of a band called The Floe and soon the band are releasing their debut single entitled 'I Hope You Know' which will be released on the anniversary of Shep's transplant. All proceeds are going to The Transplant Trust. The release of the single will coincide with the NHS Blood and Transplant campaign 'Prove it' which launches on November 2nd. You can check out the band here - they're music is fantastic and I have no doubts that the release of their single will be a huge success.

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