Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GOL shoot 12 - Shazia and Perveen

Shazia's Mum, Perveen, was faced with a Mother's worst nightmare. Her son and daughter had both been struck down with kidney failure and she could only donate a kidney to one of them.

Shazia and Perveen

Shazia was diagnosed with end stage renal failure in May 2006 and eventually went on to peritoneal dialysis in Aprtil 2007. It is rare to receive a kidney off the UK waiting list without a long wait if you are of an ethnic minority and the family were well aware of this. By pure coincidence Shazia's brother, Imran, was diagnosed with end stage renal failure too and also needed a transplant. Their Doctor had said that he'd never seen this happen to a family before.

As Shazia's kidneys were in a worse state than her brothers, it was decided that their Mother would donate her kidney to Shazia. Miraculously Imran received a kidney from the waiting list in October 2008 after only waiting three moths. All three of them are doing really well.

Shazia and Perveen

Shazia says since her transplant she has taken so many more opportunities up than she would have done before. She has just completed a conversion law degree and is starting Law School in London this month. As she said - all things happen for a reason!

Shazia and Perveen

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