Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GOL shoot 13 - Liz and Jan - The 'after' shoot plus the Adidas 5K

Remember Liz and Jan? Liz donated her kidney to her best friend Jan at the end of June and I visited and photographed them just before the operation. I'm very happy to report that the operation was a great success, so much so that Jan and Liz decided to take part in the Adidas Women's 5K in Hyde Park on Sunday to raise money for their kidney unit! Amazing!

Adidas 5K20090906_40

I couldn't believe how different Jan looked when I saw her - she looked so healthy and happy - it was amazing! Her skin looked a much healthier colour and the difference in her energy levels was really noticable too. Plus, as I told her, she looks about 20 years younger! Liz looks great too - to see what a difference Liz has made to Jan's life first hand was amazing. After we left the park and I was chatting away about how amazing Jan looked my boyfriend aka camera assistant numero uno remarked that that's how he and my family felt about me! It was quite strange to be on the other side of the fence for once!



Adidas 5K20090906_5 copy

A friend and advocate of Life Live Then Give Life also decided to do the 5K. Jess is 20 years old and has cystic fibrosis. She has been waiting for a new pair of lungs for 4 years and has sadly had 7 calls, but for one reason or another the opeartion has not been able to go ahead. Jess is very poorly and is on 24hr a day oxygen. Her lungs can only hold the enough air to fill a can of coke so the fact that Jess wanted to to do the 5K and walk 200m of every 1k was utterly amazing. She decided to raise money for LLTGL and is currently raised almost £1500!

Adidas 5K20090906_2
Jess with her team - her Doctor, physio, dietitian, nurse, Mum and lots of friends.

Adidas 5K20090906_32
Being filmed by Emily, chair of LLTGL. Emily completed the race in 2006 whilst waiting for her new lungs to come along. Read about Emily's experience of the day here. It's pretty amazing.

Adidas 5K20090906_33

Adidas 5K20090906_35
Off to the starting post

Adidas 5K20090906_25

Along with 'Team Jess' she completed the race in amazing time and managed to walk parts of it too, she's absolutely incredible and an inspiration to everyone. My toes, fingers, arms, legs etc etc are crossed for her that her call comes soon and that she will be running the 5K next time.

Adidas 5K20090906

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